Tobameer, The Road to Prapat
The road to Prapat by Harm Kamerlingh Onnes, 1923
The village of Parapat only came under Dutch rule in 1904. In the area of the Toba Batak, in Balige, lived the legendary figure Si Singga Mangaraja. He was the leader of the great Batak uprising against the Dutch at the end of the last century.
(Si Singga Mangaraja)

In the nineteen twenties Parapat also became a holiday village, with many bungalows belonging to the plantation owners. The oldest surviving hotel is hotel Parapat. Many other hotels have been built in recent years. In 1948, Soekarno, Hatta and Agus Salim were imprisoned in the beautiful Pasanggrahan (Guesthouse) ‘Villa Marihat’ on the Parapat peninsular. This house is open to the public.

Prapat Hotel

This area offers beautiful walks with a view of the lake and the Dolok Sisae and Dolok Simartinambing mountains, which are more than sixteen hundred metres high. The Dolok Simanoek and Soeroengan mountains also located here are more than two thousand metres high.

From the harbour of Parapat the ferry departs several times a day to Samosir Island.

Tobameer Drawing
Drawing by Harm Kamerlingh Onnes, 1923