The mysterious lake

Maninjau Helder Wolken
Lake Maninjau

Descending via the road with the forty four curves, while clouds drive by at eye-level, you have breathtaking views over the lake.

Madelon Szekely Lulofs about Maninjau

The author Madelon Szekely Lulofs lived during her youth in Maninjau. Later she remembered the Padang Highlands, where Maninjau is situated, as her child paradise:

‘It is the land of the Minangkabau, a people with a matriarchal society, after marriage the husband moves in with the family of his wife. They live in remarkable high wooden houses on poles under a saddleroof that ends in two points like buffalo horns. There is a climate of eternal spring. The house of the district officer is a large and old fashioned Indian dwelling on short poles just outside the village. Under the wide, sheltered tiled roof it consists of wide rooms and galleries. The garden, with big lawns and coloured flowers with butterflies and libelles besides beautiful palms, is like a shade covered parc. A long tamarind lane with showwhite orchids on the trunks takes us along a creamwhite columned gallery besides the darkblue water of the enormous, by greyblue mountains surrounded lake. At the shore is a high mast with the red-white-blue flag.’
‘Indië, zooals ik het zag’. Jeugdherinneringen van Madelon Székely-Lulofs in: Okker, F. Tumult. Het levensverhaal van Madelon Székely-Lulofs Uitgeverij Atlas, Amsterdam/Antwerpen 2008, page 24)

Maninjau Adat House
Maninjau Donkermeer Palm
Maninjau Palmen

Driving along cinnamon and sawah terraces you will reach the fascinating lake Maninjau. Lake Maninjau, one of the most beautiful lakes of Sumatra, with a friendly village located at the lake border.

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