Padang is the economic centre West Sumatra. During colonial times Padang harbour was called Emmahaven, nowadays named Teluk Bayur. Up to approximately 1780 the most important trade product was gold, originating from the gold mines in the region. When the mines were exhausted, the emphasis turned to other products such … Read More


Highest located city in the Miningkabau highlands Now we are in the land of the Minangkabau with matrilineal system whereby heritage goes via the wife. The husband moves in with the wife’s family. Interesting is the combination of Islam, which is patriarchal, and the matrilineal system of the … Read More


Sawahlunto Sawahlunto is the only coal mining town in West Sumatra, known as the town of the Black Pearl. Coal was found here since the mid-19th century and afterwards the Ombilin mines were build. Already in 1894 an electric power plant was constructed using coal as fuel. A few … Read More

Kota Gadang

Kota Gadang is a picturesque silverwork village near Bukittinggi on the other side of the Sianok valley. In the village are a variety of beautiful colonial houses and the place breathes an atmosphere of days gone by. Kota Gadang is well known because of its fine silverwork home industries. Read More

Lake Maninjau

The mysterious lake Lake Maninjau Descending via the road with the forty four curves, while clouds drive by at eye-level, you have breathtaking views over the lake. Madelon Szekely Lulofs about Maninjau The author Madelon Szekely Lulofs lived during her youth in Maninjau. Later she remembered the Padang Highlands, … Read More

The Kerinci National Park

The impressive Kerinci Seblat nature reserve is one of the few places which is still home to the Sumatran tiger. In the Kerinci reserve are two volcanic mountains, the Gunung Tujuh and the highest mountain of Sumatra, the 3805 meter high Kerinci. On the feet of these mountains grow cinnamon … Read More