Lake Toba

A calm volcano lake on Sumatra World famous is the crater lake Danau Toba in the Batak highlands, approximately five hours drive from Medan. There are two ways to go to Lake Toba from Medan. One way via Brastagi in the Karo highlands and the other way along … Read More


The road to Prapat by Harm Kamerlingh Onnes, 1923 The village of Parapat only came under Dutch rule in 1904. In the area of the Toba Batak, in Balige, lived the legendary figure Si Singga Mangaraja. He was the leader of the great Batak uprising against the Dutch at the end of the last century. (Si Singga Mangaraja) In the nineteen twenties Parapat also became a holiday village, with many bungalows belonging to the plantation owners. The oldest surviving hotel is hotel Parapat. Many other hotels have been built in recent years. In 1948, Soekarno, Hatta and Agus Salim were imprisoned in the beautiful Pasanggrahan (Guesthouse) 'Villa Marihat' on the Parapat peninsular. This house is open to the public. Read More


Nowadays Brastagi In Brastagi you can also take a ride in the sado’s. These horse drawn carts get their name from sitting back to back, in French, dos a dos. The name Berastagi can also be traced. There is no rice cultivated here as it is too cold. The villagers … Read More

Bukit Kubu

The old Shell-hotel The old Shell-hotel , with the engravings over the fireplace. Read More

The Story About Medan

Medan the plantation city ‘Nowhere a village, or even a house. Not even a coco palm. Only forest and swamp. Presently we saw the first campong: a couple of coco palms rose like huge paint brushes straight into the sky; among the large, crenated, light-green leaves of the papaya trees, … Read More


Bukit Lawang / Bohorok at the Bohorok river Since 1973 exists in Bohorok / Bukit Lawang the orang utan rehabilitation centre where orang utans can be viewed in the jungle. Former captivated orang utans are here set free, back in their natural environment. As they were not used to find … Read More