Sulawesi The island of Sulawesi is divided into four provinces, South, Southeast, Central, and North Sulawesi. In the south live the Makassarese and Bugis groups and in the north the Minahassans, also known as the Menadonese. The best known of the people of Sulawesi, however, are the people of Tanah … Read More


By the end of the seventeenth century the Dutch had made a treaty with the chief of Minahasa, also known as Manado. In time the people of Manado became culturally and politically close to the Dutch. By the early nineteenth century the Dutch had introduced Christianity to the Minahasa and … Read More


Tanah Toraja The people of Tanah Toraja had no direct contact with the west until the twentieth century, when the Dutch gained control of this region. Toraja means ‘men of the mountains’ ; the people lived in isolation in their mountain homes for centuries. Islam never reached the Toraja. The best known … Read More