Surabaya and Semarang

Surabaya and Semarang Semarang street view The capital of the province of East Java is the second city of Indonesia. During the past hundred years Surabaya has been one of the main trading ports of the country. The city is a fast developing metropolis, though from a tourist’s point of … Read More

Jogyakarta with Temples

Jogyakarta and surroundings Jogyakarta, kraton entrance Jogyakarta, Kraton The province of Central Java, around the city of Jogyakarta, is the most famous part of Java and is, in fact, its cultural centre. This is in part because of the presence there of a variety of religious influences-Buddhist, Hindu, and other … Read More

Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung

It was in the province of West Java where Indonesia first made significant contact with the outside world, beginning with traders from India, later with Europeans. It was also from here that the Dutch started the colonization of Java in the sixteenth century, and later moving to other islands of … Read More