Bali Hotels

Bali has so many hotels, we cannot publish them all. If you need prices of hotels, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the best prices. Lovina Gamelan Balihyat … Read More

Bali Culture

Bali Optocht Detail Bali Optocht Bali Dance Intellectuals, artists and craftsmen moved to Bali from the 15th century on, where they preserved the Indian influenced Hindu culture in a unique unchanged way. Possible day trips, (most of them included in hotel packages): Full day Kintamani Volcano tour and Half day … Read More

Bali Island

Bali Dance Bali, the famous enchanted flower island is located just south of the equator. See the beauty of the island, its unique Hindu processions, impressive temples and paradise beaches. Since the 15th century, when the Javanese Majapahit kingdom was destroyed, intellectuals, artists and craftsmen moved to Bali, where they … Read More